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Director :

Douglas Jackson

Stars :

Maryam d'Abo, Tod Fennell, Jay Underwood, Lisa Blount, Karen Robinson, Alex Karzis, Vivian Reis, Tom Rack, Robert Morelli, Vlasta Vrána, Mark Camacho, Una Kay, Susan Almgren, Linda Singer, Jamie Jones, Emidio Michetti, Babs Gadbois, Jane Gilchrist, Erik Hansen, Claude Genest, Robert Ozores, Terrence Labrosse, Daniel Richard Giverin, Jon Baggaley, Tanya Posival, Robert Brewster, Michèle Poitras, Dana-Louise Heintz, Jane Wheeler

Genre :

Horror, Drama

Release :


Rating :

5 from IMDB

Story :

Clean-cut, handsome looking psychiatric patient Daryl Gleeson finds himself hopelessly falling in love with restaurant owner Brooke Daniels, after having instinctively rescued her little son Mikey from a traffic accident. When she doesn't return his love he snaps and begins to stalk her, eliminating all who stand in his way...

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