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How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog

Director :

Michael Kalesniko

Stars :

Kenneth Branagh, Robin Wright, Suzi Hofrichter, Lynn Redgrave, Jared Harris, Peter Riegert, David Krumholtz, Johnathon Schaech, Kaitlin Hopkins, Suzy Joachim, Brett Rickaby, Lucinda Jenney, Derek Kellock, Stacy Hogue, Peri Gilpin, Tamala Jones, Benita Ha, Mark Brandon, Doug Abrahams

Genre :

Comedy, Drama

Release :


Rating :

6.2 from IMDB

Story :

The story of Peter McGowan, a chain-smoking, impotent, insomniac playwright who lives in Los Angeles. Once very successful, he is now in the tenth year of a decade-long string of production failures. He finds himself bonding with a new neighbor's lonely young daughter who has mild cerebral palsy; and during one of his middle-of-the-night strolls, he encounters his oddball doppelgänger.

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