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Mom or Dad?

Director :

Riccardo Milani

Stars :

Paola Cortellesi, Antonio Albanese, Carlo Buccirosso, Luca Angeletti, Matilde Gioli, Roberto De Francesco, Claudio Gioè, Stefania Rocca, Anna Bonaiuto, Niccolò Senni, Marianna Cogo, Alvise Marascalchi, Luca Marino, Denis Fasolo, Roberta da Soller, Sonia Davanzo, Luigi Filardi, Lorenzo Greggio, Andrea Pennacchi, Francesca Turrini

Genre :


Release :


Rating :

5.9 from IMDB

Story :

A divorced couple fights for the custody of their three children: neither of them wants it. Mom wants to leave them to dad, and vice versa.

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