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Alien Nation: Millennium

Director :

Kenneth Johnson

Stars :

Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint, Michele Scarabelli, Terri Treas, Lauren Woodland, Sean Six, Jason Behr, David Faustino, Irene Cagen, Jeffrey Marcus, Ron Fassler, Ron Fassler, Brian Markinson, Herta Ware, Steven Flynn, Freda Foh Shen, Susan Diol, Ellis E. Williams, Kerrie Keane, John Bennett, Pamella D'Pella, Susan Graham Lavelle, Risa Schiffman, Rick Snyder, David Correla, Harriet C. Leider, John Towey, Bob Harks

Genre :

TV Movie, Science Fiction, Drama

Release :


Rating :

5.3 from IMDB

Story :

It's 1999, and as the end of the millenium approaches, people are attempting to find spiritual enlightenment. But a few people want to skip all the work that entails, and a holy Tenktonese relic in the hands of a heretic is giving them a shortcut. But it's not quite as easily controlled as she says.

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