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Korea: We Called It War

Director :

John Gilbert

Stars :

Raymond Anderson, Frank Arnall, Shaun Baker, Denzil Batson, Jake Behringer, Robert O. Hunter, Robert Larson, George Pilkington, Bob Pyeatt, Loren Renz

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Story :

Based on the book We Called it War by Denzil Batson, this feature documentary tells the heroing experiences of the front line infantry man in the Korean War, long known as the Forgotten War. As a young man from southwest Missouri, Denzil Batson was sent with thousands of American soldiers to defend freedom and democracy in the hills and rice paddies of Korea during the Korean War between 1950 and 1953. The story revolves around Denzils 2nd Platoon of F Company of the 3rd Division. Known as dog face soldiers, Denzils platoon buddies get together and tell their stories from 50 years ago with vivid reality. From the Pusan Perimeter to the Frozen Chosin reservoir to the Yalu river, these aging American heroes fought the Chinese and North Koreans in trenches with hand grenades and bayonets and died for Americas freedom. Korea: We Called it War is a vivid account of events told by some of the men who lived it, fought it and are still trying to cope with it.

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