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Robert Mugabe... What Happened?

Director :

Simon Bright

Stars :

Mike Auret, David Coltart, Guy de Lancey, Lovemore Madhuku, Simba Makoni, John Makumbe, Wilfred Mhanda, Robert Mugabe, Allan Savory, Elinor Sisulu

Genre :

Documentary, Biography, History, News

Release :


Rating :

7,4 from IMDB

Story :

Robert Mugabe... what happened?, charts the Shakespearean rise and fall of the man who led a very successful African country, and then ruined it. Mugabe was damned as a terrorist, then knighted by Queen Elizabeth, and is still in power more than 30 years later. The film explores what happened through interviews with some of his closest comrades. It assembles a unique collection of southern African archive to powerfully evoke each of the decades of Mugabes reign. This is a complex and compelling view of Zimbabwe the country and Mugabe the man.

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