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Director :

James Whale

Stars :

Colin Clive, Mae Clarke, John Boles, Boris Karloff, Edward Van Sloan, Frederick Kerr, Dwight Frye, Lionel Belmore, Marilyn Harris, Michael Mark, Ted Billings, Mae Bruce, Jack Curtis, Arletta Duncan, William Dyer, Francis Ford, Soledad Jiménez, Carmencita Johnson, Sessel Anne Johnson, Margaret Mann, Pauline Moore, Inez Palange, Paul Panzer, Cecilia Parker, Rose Plumer, Cecil Reynolds, Ellinor Vanderveer

Genre :

Drama, Horror, Science Fiction

Release :


Rating :

7.5 from IMDB

Story :

Dr Henry Frankenstein is obsessed with assembling a living being from parts of several exhumed corpses.

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