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Mary and Max

Director :

Adam Elliot

Stars :

Christopher Massey, Oliver Marks, Daisy Kocher, Daniel Marks, Hamish Hughes, Dan Doherty, Julie Forsyth, Mandy Mao, Eric Bana, Patrick McCabe

Genre :

Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family

Release :


Rating :

8,1 from IMDB

Story :

In the mid-1970s, a homely, friendless Australian girl of 8 picks a name out of a Manhattan phone book and writes to him; she includes a chocolate bar. Shes Mary Dinkle, the only child of an alcoholic mother and a distracted father. Hes Max Horowitz, an overweight man with Aspergers, living alone in New York. He writes back, with chocolate. Thus begins a 20-year correspondence, interrupted by a stay in an asylum and a few misunderstandings. Mary falls in love with a neighbor, saves money to have a birthmark removed and deals with loss. Max has a friendship with a neighbor, tries to control his weight, and finally gets the dream job. Will the two ever meet face to face?

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